Venerable Bishop Alphonse Gallegos, (February 20, 1931 – October 6, 1991), member of the Augustinian Recollect Order, auxiliary bishop of Sacramento, California, United States. In 2005 his cause of canonization was opened. On July 8, 2016, Pope Francis proclaimed him Venerable, in recognition of the bishop's heroic virtue.    


Alphonse Gallegos, OAR.

We welcome you: to learn more about this extraordinary man, seek his intercession, and help us promote his fame of sanctity among family and friends.

His cause of canonization to move forward needs one miracle attributed to his intercession, for the Church to proclaim him Blessed, and another miracle to be declared a Saint. 

About Bishop Gallegos.

Those who knew Bishop Gallegos, highlight five personality traits of his:

  • His humility and gentleness, his constant joy and patience with which he lived the limitation of his sight, without ever complaining;
  • his kindness and compassion for everyone, even with those who hindered his pastoral ministry;
  • his fidelity to his Augustinian Recollect vocation, which his tasks as priest and bishop never led him to neglect. He always remained spiritually linked to the community, even when the service to the Church took him to a city where there was no house of the Order;
  • his commitment to the poor, especially Hispanic workers and immigrants who seek a better future in the United States and encounter alienation, oppression and injustice. He was a public voice that defended those most in need before civic officials.
  • his life of prayer, the basis of any other activity or aspect of his life; the Eucharist and love for the Blessed Virgin Mary under the title Our Lady of Guadalupe, and the many hours before the Tabernacle every day.


Bishop Alphonse Gallegos died on October 6, 1991 in a vehicle accident. Thus ended a life of service and love for God, found in the most simple and needy, always bringing joy to others.

In 1997, to immortalize his memory, a statue was built in his honor between the cathedral and the State Capitol of Sacramento, California, called Bishop Gallegos Square.

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